Open Letter Regarding PantheaCon

We of the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment within our community. Through our actions, we strive to inspire greater community accountability and inclusivity within the wider Pagan and Polytheist communities. This type of work is difficult and continuous, and it is work that relies as much on the input and voices of the most marginalized members of the community, as it does on strong and fair leadership that is receptive to those voices.

For the past 7 years, the Coru has had a presence at PantheaCon as presenters, through our Hospitality suite, and by providing consecrated space within the Temple of the Morrígan. We have worked to establish clear, well stated and enforced policies of hospitality, safety, and inclusion within all of the spaces that we hold. We have worked with other individuals and groups to address the myriad of issues ranging from dealing with hostile or bigoted individuals and groups to a lack of spiritual hygiene at the Con itself, and we have committed ourselves and the spaces we run to being places of safety and refuge for anyone feeling unsafe, unwelcome, or attacked during their experience at PantheaCon.

Throughout our participation in the convention, and particularly in light of recent events, we have grown increasingly concerned as to PantheaCon leadership’s commitment to safe and inclusive spaces. It is with these concerns in mind that we wish to clearly articulate our values and desires for any future events that we wish to support going forward.

These are the criteria we find important in prioritizing events and spaces we will support and invest in:
• Clearly articulated values and standards that align with our own, and which recognize the need for active support and inclusion of marginalized peoples within our communities.
• An articulated process and track record for enforcing these standards, and a willingness to actively support those marginalized people by refusing access to abusers, bigots, predators, and other bad actors.
• Leadership that demonstrates a commitment to these values and an awareness of power dynamics, accountability, and transparency.

This is the direction that our communities need to continue moving in, and will guide where we as an organization will be spending the majority of our time, energy, and resources. We exist in a world that is rapidly becoming less safe for marginalized peoples. As spiritual practitioners and leaders within the community, one of our primary concerns is the centering and support of vulnerable people. Our commitments to hospitality and service dictate that spaces that we create are not only welcoming but maintain the safety and dignity of everyone welcomed in.

With this in mind, we have committed to being at PantheaCon this year, in order to continue providing safe hospitality, sacred space, and support for those who are depending on us. At the same time, we are actively reconsidering our involvement in PantheaCon past 2019. In our decision-making going forward we will be seeking input and working closely with those most affected by these issues, especially our community members of color, trans folk, and other marginalized community members, and the groups that represent them.
Toward this end, we will be hosting a facilitated discussion forum in our suite during the convention, about building diverse and inclusive Pagan and Polytheist community spaces for the future. And as usual, the Coru Hospitality suite and Temple will be open for anyone seeking company, conversation, a safe place to land, or a sacred space to connect with the Gods, and Coru priests will be there in service to our communities.


Coru Cathubodua Priesthood