With Samhain now behind us, we’d like to announce that the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood has passed a significant milestone and begun a new chapter in our story. As per our Constitution, our officer positions rotate every three years. This past weekend while on retreat we ushered in a new group of officers, while letting a couple founding members unburden themselves of this responsibility. This will be the first set of officers composed entirely of post-founding members. In any organization, it is a mark of growth and maturation when the founding members step back and allow new leadership. We anticipate this group of officers will be facing both opportunities and challenges in the next phase.

Stepping into the role of Chief following Brennos Agrocunos is our former Communications Chieftain Patrick Graeme. Patrick was the first member of the priesthood added to the order post-founding. He has been working closely with Brennos for many years, and the will bring a fresh set of ideas to the table for the direction of the Coru.

Taking up the mantle of Lore Chieftain from Morpheus Ravenna is John Medellin. John’s skillset in divinatory and magical practice makes him well suited to hold this role and we’re looking forward to seeing him holding the reins of our curriculum and ritual processes. Assisting John in this as our Vice-Lore Chieftain is Barbara Cormack, who might otherwise be known as our Lorebrarian.

For some time, Leah Samhain has been operating as our Vice-Resources Chieftain, and now is officially taking it over from Meg Baker Heal. Leah has a strong background in non-profit financial management and is an avid hearthkeeper. Their skills in this will benefit our order greatly.

And taking over Communications Chieftain is Addy Street. Addy is our songbird and bewitching mermaid in her other guise. She will be transmitting the majority of our external communications from here out as well as answering many of the messages we recieve.

Morpheus and Brennos will be stepping back into a much-needed rest, operating as advisors to the new officers, and continuing to move forward our training process. Their service has been deeply appreciated, and they assure everyone they’re not going anywhere.

We foresee a busy year ahead of us, as well as an increase in the intensity of the storm raging around us. It is our hope that this fresh group of leadership will continue to be an pillar of safety and security in our community as the Coru continues to carry out the work laid before us by the Morrígan and our allied gods and spirits.