CHANGES to our Annual Fundraiser and Morrígan’s Hearth Gathering

Today’s update lays out some changes to our annual fundraiser and budget, in light of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic situation. As we’ve all seen, many public events have had to be canceled to protect public health and limit spread of the virus. It’s now become apparent that our Morrígan’s Hearth Gathering, scheduled for September 25-27, will not be safe to proceed as planned. To support the health and safety of our community, we’re canceling the in-person Gathering, and for this year will host an online event during the same dates. 

This re-envisioned Morrígan’s Hearth Online gathering will be held via videoconferencing and will include talks, devotionals, bardics, and social time. While we’ll miss gathering with you in person this year, we are anticipating a fun and rewarding online event. And we’ll definitely be back in 2021 with our in-person retreat in the redwoods, for which dates are already booked with the campground. 

Tickets for the Morrígan’s Hearth Online are now available at an early-bird base rate of $35 for the full two-day conference through our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. After the campaign ends May 1, tickets will go on sale later this spring at full sliding scale price: $50-100 for the full two-day event, or $35-85 for a one-day pass. To get your early-bird ticket now, grab the “Cormac’s Hall” perk on Indiegogo. This perk will get you your ticket at the early-bird base rate of $35, plus you also get our Raven patch and Cathubodua enamel pin, a total value of $49. The “Cormac’s Hall” perk price is set at $45, and for sliding scale, you can simply enter whatever amount you’d like to pay above that number.

For those of you who have already purchased advance tickets to the Morrígan’s Hearth Gathering through our campaign (via the “Boudicca’s Chariot” or “Granuaile’s Crew” perk tiers), you’ll have three choices available to you:

  • Request your Morrígan’s Hearth ticket be converted to a ticket to the online event. Any other items in the original perk will still be shipped to you. The difference in value between the original ticket and the online event ticket becomes a tax-deductible donation to the Coru Priesthood.
  • Request a full refund of your original perk. If you wish, you can then purchase the new perk including a ticket to the online event. This option allows you to get back the price difference between the retreat ticket and the online event ticket.
  • Do nothing, in which case the full value of your original Morrigan’s Hearth ticket becomes a tax-deductible donation to the Coru Priesthood, and any other items in the original perk will be shipped to you.

If you’re one of the folks who previously purchased these perks, we’ll be emailing you directly to find out your preference.

The change to an online event alters our annual budget a bit. Funds raised through our annual fundraiser that would have been used for the in-person retreat, will now be used to cover the next year’s deposit for the retreat venue, as well as to pay presenters and to provide extra scholarships for this year’s online event. Any excess funds will be allocated towards Coru Priesthood’s operational costs, such as maintaining street medic supplies, continuing education, ongoing tithes to Indigenous groups, as well as the creation of a reserve fund.

Our campaign close date has been extended to May 1, so there’s still time to help support the work of the Coru Priesthood in 2020. We know many people in our communities are suffering economic difficulties or may have lost work, and of course your survival needs come first. But we’d love to have your support if you’re able, and we hope you’ll also share to help spread the word during the final days of this campaign. 

May your Gods and spirits bless and keep you safe! 

In solidarity,

Coru Cathubodua Priesthood