Basic Devotional Rite for Groups


This ritual format is designed for groups, to open a devotional space within which participants can make offerings to the Morrígan and spend time in communion with Her presence. It can be adapted to suit the practice and traditions of your own groups, or to suit a solitary devotional practice.




Space is consecrated and prepared in the usual manner:

Saining (spiritual cleansing of the space) and offerings to Land Spirits

Construction of the protective Rath (or your usual method of establishing sacred enclosure)

Call and offerings to protective Guardian Spirits

Honoring the Four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann




Invocations and offerings are made to the Ancestors and the Descendants

The Morrígan is invoked into the space and enshrined using an invocation chant. While participants chant, Her presence is drawn down and seated in a consecrated image or statue on the shrine.

Invocation chant:

Morrígan Morda, Nobered Búaid

Ban a Sídi, Ban Chainti, Ban Túaithech, Día Soach

(Mighty Morrígan, Bringer of Victory

Woman of the Fairy Mound, Prophetic Poet, Sorceress, Shapeshifting Goddess)




A recitation of the Morrígan’s prophecy in Old Irish (or English translation) is made to establish the prayer space.

sith co nem | peace to the heavens

nem co doman | heaven to the earth

doman fo ním | earth under heaven

nert hi cach | strength in each

án forlann | a cup overfull

lan do mil | a fullness of honey

mid co saith | mead to satisfaction

sam hi ngam | summer in winter

gai for sciath | spear upon a shield

sciath for durnd | shield upon a fist

dunad lonngarg | blade-bristling fort

longaiter tromfoíd | great grieving is banished

fod di uí | rights of descendants

ross forbiur | woods full of stags

benna abu | horns of cattle

airbe imetha | encircling boundary

mess for crannaib | mast upon trees

craob do scis | heavy their boughs

scis do áss | heavy from growth

saith do mac | wealth for children

mac for muin | food to their portion

muinel tairb | neck of a bull

tarb di arccoin | bull away from a watch-dog

odhb do crann | wood from trees

crann do ten | tree for fire

tene a nn-ail | fire from a stone

ail a n-uír | stone in the earth

uích a mbuaib | young from cows

boinn a mbru | cows from a womb

brú lafefaid | riverbank with birdsong

ossglas iaer | grey deer before

errach foghamar | spring, autumn

forasit etha | whence grows corn

iall do tir | flock of warriors for the land

tir co trachd | land to the shore

la feabrae | protecting with sharp weapons

bidruad rossaib | great length of life

síraib rithmár | longevity assured

nach scel laut? | have you any story?

sith co nemh | peace to the heavens

bidsirnae sith | it will be eternal peace

At the end of the recitation, return to the first two lines of the poem, chanting in rhythm to enter into a light devotional trance. Continue chanting as each participant in turn takes their time to approach the shrine, pour offerings, and give prayers.

sith co nem

nem co doman

When all participants have finished devotions, let chant come to an end and allow a period of quiet meditation and listening.



Community & Feasting



Follow with shared food and drink, and conviviality with gathered devotees. This time is casual, but takes place within sacred space, and is a good time for divination.






When it is time to close the space, gather all participants together.

Thanks are given to all divinities and spirits who have been called, in the reverse order of invocation.

Rath is closed and released. Final purification of the space and offerings to the land are given, to ensure the space is left it good spiritual condition.



For details about the sources and translations of poetry used here, see our Invocations and Prayers page.