Coru Members


Patrick Garretson

Patrick Graeme is a wanderer on many paths of magic, healing, and warriorship. Patrick’s first exposure to magic and paganism was through the Feri tradition with a strong emphasis on “Celtic” spirituality, though he has delved into numerous other practices such as Taoism, Thelemic Hermeticism, Anthroposophy, and the Sacred Firecircle. Through all of it however, the Morrígan has loomed over his shoulder, ever since his first awareness of Celtic spirituality and history. This relationship was formalized via the Coru in the winter/spring of 2014. Serving in the Coru has been a deeply transformative process, providing Patrick with an outlet for his Celtic leanings unparalleled by anything else. Patrick currently serves as the Chief of the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood.

John Medellin

John Medellin is a spirit worker and Pagan Witch living and working in San Francisco, and is originally from Texas. He has been a devotee of An Morrígan for more than 12 years, and has recently taken oaths to Her. John has spent more than 20 years studying and practicing magic and Earth-based spiritualities, including Conjure work. He is also a former member of Ar nDraiocht Fein. His specialties include divination, protection and warding magics, herb magic, and work with the Dead. John currently serves as the Lore Chieftain of the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood.

Leah Samhain
Lí Samhain

Lí Samhain met The Morrígan in 2015 at Uaimh na gCat, and has been a devotee ever since. As a dedicant priest, Lí strives to serve their Gods and community in simple but powerful ways, with an emphasis on hearth-keeping and hospitality. They are passionate about learning, traveling, witch-crafting, feasting, and jumping into bodies of water. Lí is also a member of Cauldron of the Celts. Lí currently serves as the Resource Chieftain for the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood.

Brennos Gunn

Brennos Agrocunos Gunn is an intuitive spirit worker, runeworker, and activist. A dedicant of the Morrígan for over twenty years, he serves Her as both warrior and priest and is one of the founders of the Coru.   Through his devotional connection with Odin, he has also pursued runic studies for over seventeen years. He specializes in dreamwork and Otherworld travel, spiritual counseling, shielding, warding, runework, and contact with the dead.  As a priest, he works towards social justice, environmental healing, and sovereignty of the land and writes about these and related topics on his blog, Strixian Woods and on Facebook.  Brennos currently serves as the Communications Chieftain for the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood, facilitating much of our online presence.

Barbara Cormack

Barbara Cormack has been a practicing Pagan and witch for several decades. She holds initiations in two traditions, and in recent years helped found and administer a Golden Dawn Order. Her early love affair with, and study of, Old Irish language and literature led her to the Morrígan, in Whose presence she has since dwelt. Inspired by rosc poetry, she composes prayers and invocations to the Great Queens in Their varied forms. By profession a librarian and data analyst, Barbara also makes jewelry, practices Scottish dancing, and studies crows and ravens. Barbara currently serves as the Vice Lore Chieftain.

Morpheus Ravenna

Morpheus Ravenna is a spiritual worker, artist, and writer. An initiate of the Anderson-Feri tradition of Witchcraft, she has studied and practiced devotional polytheism and the magical arts for over twenty five years. Her primary spiritual practice is her devotion and dedication to the Morrígan within the framework of Celtic heroic spirituality. She co-founded the Coru Cathubodua and is the author of The Book of the Great Queen: The Many Faces of the Morrígan from Ancient Legends to Modern Devotions, her writing can be found on her personal blog, The Shieldmaiden. She also practices medieval armored combat and is very fond of spears. She can be reached through her website at


Vyviane Armstrong

Vyviane Armstrong was inducted as a hearth member at the Gathering of The Morrigan’s Hearth at Lughnasadh 2018. She is the first away member of Coru. Vyviane has been a devotional polytheist for all of her adult life with strong connections to Welsh and Irish Gods and Other Crowd. She met the Great Queen either when she was five and a child’s spell game went wrong or later in 2011 when she dived head first into a cave she found along her route while driving around Ireland. That cave happened to be Oweynagat and it happened to be the Morrigan’s cave. It started a beautiful relationship with this complex Goddess. Vyviane has a growing relationship with Morrigan primarily through Her faces of The Badb and Cathubodua. She is also a proud member of The Cauldron of the Celts. Her practice with the Gods includes a life long service in activism, holding a vocational relationship to Her Gods and their lands through her business Land, Sea, Sky Travel, and ongoing work with animal and plant allies. Vyviane lives with her family, cats and guinea pigs on a small plot of land in Snellville, Georgia, where she does arts and crafts, cooks, and reads in her spare time.

Joe Perri

Joe, aka Wolf, was inducted into the Hearth in February of 2019. He’s been a devotional polytheist and witch as long as he can remember, having bonds with the Otherworld Fae and Irish, Welsh, and Egyptian gods. Joe is also a second degree initiate in the Chthonian Tradition. Part of his connection to the land and spirits is shown through his photography at Wolf Mercury Photography. He thinks donuts and lamb are possibly the greatest things to eat, that Sting is the best musician, and is slightly obsessed with the King Arthur legend and Iron Man.

Addy Street

Addy Street is a spirit worker, Witch, and performer based out of Stockton, CA. As a Devotional Polytheist, Addy is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the Irish Gods through music, performance art, crafting, and ritual. She has an avid interest in continually learning about Social Justice, folklore, divination, and magic. In her spirit work, she works as a spiritual medium honoring the ancestors and descendants. She also specializes in divination and has been passionate about Tarot for over 10 years. When she is not working as a Priest, she performs as a Malevolent Mermaid named Cliona at various events.

Vali Fae

Vali is a devotional polytheist, songwriter, artist, cat-herder (aka homeschooling parent), and aspiring urban farmer. She began studying philosophy and world religions as an adolescent which led to a nature based spiritual practice by age 12. Vali has always drawn to Irish mythology and culture, particularly the Morrígan, but struggled to find authentic source material for many years. She is passionate about queer, disability, and racial justice, advocating for trauma-informed parenting and caregiving, and dismantling the patriarchy. She lives in Oakland, California with her partner, three kids, and various other furred, feathered, and finned creatures, and when she’s not doing ALL THE THINGS, she spends her time writing fiction and compulsively propagating houseplants.

Julie Carrère Oeffinger

Julie grew up on a ranch in the south of France where she was immersed early in Celtic culture via family ties in Brittany. She only came to paganism after moving to the US, first through Reclaiming, until she encountered the Morrigan 4 years ago. She has been a Celtic polytheist and a devotee of the Great Queen since then. She is a passionate of horses, corvids and pretty much all living things and practices martial arts in her little spare time. Former biologist, she is now a homemaker in Idaho where she raises tiny humans and nurture her hearth for family, friends and community.

Izzy Swanson

Izzy is an Energetic Safety and Trauma Specialist. She’s been practicing Earth-based spirituality for more than 20 years. Her first experiences of the Morrigan came shortly after she began a program of recovery and she has been devoted to the Morrigan since that time. Izzy believes that her work with trauma and addiction recovery is supported by her devotional practice to the Morrigan and she has dedicated her work in offering to the Goddess.


Despite her hilarious beginnings as a teenaged witch with no sense of proportion, Raven has worked happily with the Morrígan for about thirty years. She has practiced Japanese martial arts for about as long, and became a Wilderness EMT in North Carolina. As a person of art, she works extensively with ogham, and is currently focusing on poetry and the Irish language. She serves her community and her goddess by volunteering with her local Search and Rescue organization, and can be often found in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

TJ Rockwell

TJ is a true jack-of-all-trades, with a broad set of skills ranging from silversmithing to leatherworking to carpentry to machining and fabrication. His path to devotional polytheism began with a little book on alchemy tucked into a disused shelf of his high school library, which served as a catalyst for studying esoteric texts and magical traditions. As he continued his academic theological studies, he built his personal practices to involve devotional craft through his connections with the Gods of Skill, all of which has been built on a foundation of service to The Morrígan. He lives in Oakland, and when not engaged in professional craft he is equally likely to be reading sci-fi/fantasy books or picking up *another* new artistic skill.

Hawthorn Melton

Hawthorn is a devotional polytheist and animist dedicated in service to the Morrigan. He is a martial arts enthusiast, medieval combat reenactor, and a student of ecology and is currently trying his hand at sustainable agriculture in Southern California. Hawthorn is a social justice and environmental activist, and when not preoccupied with rabble rousing, he can often be found tinkering with simple irrigation systems, arguing resource allocation disputes with ground squirrels and occasionally feeding the ravens. As an animist and polytheist inspired and informed by Irish tradition and lore, his work focuses on cultivating right relationship with land and spirits, energetic and physical self defense, and hospitality.