A Hosting at the Morrigan’s Hearth

A Hosting at the Morrígan’s Hearth

Cuire ar Fulacht na Morrígna

Celtic Polytheist Devotional Gathering in the Redwood Forest

Community workshops and rituals | Devotional shrines

Camping and cabin accommodations

All Celtic polytheist worship, traditions and practices welcome

July 19-22 2018 | Lughnasadh

Earth Matters Sanctuary, Ben Lomond, CA

Ticket sales starting February 1st: https://morrigans-hearth.bpt.me/

Presenters: To offer a workshop, ritual, or other presentation, you can fill out our presenter form here: https://goo.gl/forms/euy62EvCxrDRkYtR2

Accepted presenters will receive free registration at the camping rate. Presentation submissions are due May 1st.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2010686509213188/

Registration Details:

July 19 arrival for Coru members only. Gathering opens for the public July 20-22.

With indoor accommodation – group cabin, main lodge bedroom, or dormitory:

Early bird pricing: 2 nights – $170 | 1 night – $85

**Prices increase $20 per person starting June 1**

Cabins are available only for guests staying 2 nights and are based on shared occupancy. Single occupancy incurs a $30 per night surcharge. Participants registering for Saturday night only will be placed in the dormitory. We will give preference to special needs guests when allocating cabin spaces.

With camping:

Early bird pricing: 2 nights – $90 | 1 night – $45

**Prices increase $20 per person starting June 1**

Day visitor rate:

$25 in advance | $35 on-site

Kids: Children under 12 free. Ages 12 and above at same price as adults.


Meal Plan:  $80 for the weekend or $45 for a single day (3 meals)

The meal plan uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible, including eggs and vegetables from the gardens on site. Dietary restrictions and food allergies will be accommodated for as much as possible provided we have advance notice.

Deadline to register for the Meal Plan: July 1st


You may bring your own food for self-catering instead of the meal plan. Kitchen use and refrigerator space will NOT be available for self-catering – you will need your own ice chest and food preparation. NO cooking fires will be allowed but you may use a camp stove in the dining area.

This event is conducted in alignment with the Coru hospitality and safety policy: http://www.corupriesthood.com/statement-hospitality-safety

Schedule for the Gathering:

Lughnasadh Schedule
July 20 July 21 July 22
Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
Self Defense for the Practical Warrior – Hannah – Yoga Deck or Fire Circle
Stitch & Witch – Leah – Main Deck
Dragon Stepping: Magical Martial Art for Healing and Protection – Patrick – Fire Circle
Listening to Empower Ourselves and Strengthen Community – Jamie – Guest House
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Lunch/Free Time
Lunch/Free Time
12:00 PM
12:30 PM
1:00 PM
The Dagda – Meg & John – Labyrinth or Garden Circle?
Closing Ritual – Fire Circle
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM Break
Community Clean up – Guest House
3:00 PM
How to Play a Carnyx – Patrick – Yoga Deck
Elements of Celtic Polytheist Devotional Practice – Morpehus – Guest House or Labyrinth?
3:30 PM
Personal clean up – Campsites & Cabins
4:00 PM
Gate open
4:30 PM Break Off Site
5:00 PM
Dinner/Free Time
Dinner/Free Time
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM Welcome & Fire Consecration – Coru – Fire Circle
Main Ritual – Fire Circle
7:00 PM
Glory to the Gods – Cauldron of the Celts – Fire Circle
7:30 PM
8:00 PM Break
8:30 PM Break
Heroes, Horrors, and Hosts: Traditional Celtic Stories – Hannah – Fire Circle
9:00 PM
Bardic – Addy – Fire Circle
9:30 PM
10:00 PM
10:30 PM


Who is this gathering for? This gathering is for all Celtic polytheists and pagans and anyone seeking to learn about Celtic spiritual paths and practices. It is being organized and hosted by the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood, which is a priesthood dedicated to the Morrígan, and the Morrígan will be central in some of the rites. But the gathering is not just for her devotees, and we hope to see participants from a broad spectrum of Celtic paths.

Are children welcome? Yes! Children are welcome. If there is enough interest, we may have some children’s programming. Children under 12 are free. Age 12 and above are full price (sorry, we know this can be hard on families, but this is based on what the site charges us.)

Where is it? The gathering is being held at Earth Matters retreat in Ben Lomond, California, a private retreat space in the redwoods of rural Santa Cruz County, about an hour from San Jose, or about two hours from San Francisco. Directions to the site will be sent to those who register for the gathering.

What is the site like? Earth Matters is in a hilly redwood-forested area. The land is a mix of redwood forest with some patches of deciduous trees such as oak and madrone. Most of the site is quite shady, although there are open areas. The area around the Guest House and gathering spaces is landscaped with fruit trees and flowering plants, but the surrounding area is all natural forest and very beautiful.
Earth Matters is very private and is clothing optional.

What will the weather conditions be like? For Ben Lomond, daytime high temperatures average about 85 degrees in late July, and nighttime lows average about 50 degrees. However variability in July is high, and in case of a heat wave temperatures could be higher. Rain is unlikely.

What about food? A meal plan is available through the venue at $80 for the weekend (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Sunday breakfast) or $45 for a single day (3 meals). Deadline to sign up for the meal plan is July 1st. The meal plan uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible, including eggs and vegetables from the gardens on site. Dietary restrictions and food allergies will be accommodated for as much as possible provided we have advance notice.

You may bring your own food for self-catering if you don’t prefer to sign up for the meal plan. Note that kitchen use and refrigerator space will not be available for self-catering, so you will need your own ice chest and food preparation tools. NO cooking fires will be allowed but use of a camp stove in the dining area is fine.

What facilities are available?

Toilets: The Guest House and nearby area have flush toilets. Near the ritual circles and outlying cabins, there are several outhouses and compost toilets.

Showers: Hot showers are available in the Guest House.

Hot tub and pools: There is a woodburning hot tub near the Guest House, as well as two small cold plunges.

Kitchen: The Guest House has a kitchen, it will be in use for the meal plan, so kitchen facilities are not available on an individual basis.

Water: Potable water is at the Guest House only. There are water spigots in other areas around the fire circles and grounds, but these are non-potable water.

What lodging is available? There are many nicely leveled campsites. These have no facilities but are within easy walking distance of outhouses.
The Guest House and cabins have real beds with linens and bedding provided. If you are staying in a dorm bed, private room or cabin, you do NOT need to bring your own bedding. However, you DO need to bring your own towels for the showers and hot tub. Guest House and cabins also have electricity, lighting, and heat. Guest House has indoor bathroom with hot showers; the cabins are within easy walk of outhouses and spigots.

Participants registering for an indoor accommodation ticket will be placed in either the shared dorm room, Guest House, or a cabin; Guest House and cabin spaces will be prioritized for people with special needs and gathering staff.

Are cooking or camping fires allowed outside? Outdoor fires are allowed only in designated fire pits. Fire danger is very high in this area especially in summer. NO fires in or near campsites, and no campfires are allowed other than in specific, designated fire pits. There is a dining area with tables where you can use your camp cooking gear if that is your preference.
Candles are not allowed in cabins. No candles should be used on floors anywhere. Candles should be in safe containers only and kept on safe surfaces. No flame of any kind should ever be left unattended

Are there any hotels nearby? There are a handful of local hotels and B&Bs in and around Ben Lomond. A list of local hotels can be emailed to you on request, or you can use a local web search.

Can I bring my dog? Registered service animals only; no pets are allowed. Participants with service dogs will need to keep control of their animals at all times, and be aware that the site has resident dogs that your service animal may need to interact with.

I can’t afford the registration cost! We are asking everyone who can, to donate a little extra with their registration. This will allow us to provide a scholarship fund to allow a few who may not be able to afford the gathering to attend. If you can’t afford the registration, please email events@corupriesthood.com and ask to be put on the scholarship list.

I’m flying in/I don’t drive, how do I get there? There is bus service to Ben Lomond via the Santa Cruz Metro bus system. From Ben Lomond, the site is about 2.5 miles. If you don’t drive, or you need transportation from an airport or from Ben Lomond, contact us or post on the Facebook page for the event and we will attempt to connect people needing rides with others willing to share car space. https://www.facebook.com/events/2010686509213188/

What else should I know before I come to the gathering?
This event is conducted in alignment with the Coru hospitality and safety policy (https://www.corupriesthood.com/statement-hospitality-safety/.) Participants are encouraged to read and be familiar with our standards.

Come prepared: Please pack appropriately. You will be in a natural environment, where you may experience heat, cold, insects, wildlife, rough terrain, daytime sun exposure, and lack of outdoor lighting at night. Please come prepared. Bring FLASHLIGHTS as it is very dark in the redwoods at night away from fire circles and most of the paths are not lit. You may also want insect repellent in case of mosquitoes.