A Hosting at the Morrígan’s Hearth


Celtic Polytheist Devotional Gathering in the Redwood Forest

Community workshops and rituals | Devotional shrines


Camping and cabin accommodations

All Celtic polytheist worship, traditions and practices welcome

September 25-27 | Lughnasadh

Mendocino Woodlands Camp, Mendocino, CA

Ticket sales to be available soon

Event Schedule: 

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/659303418145613/

Registration Details

Gathering opens for the public September 25-27.

Tickets: To be announced

Tent cabins are on wooden platforms with small wooden stairs for entry, covered by canvas over wooden frames. Each cabin has 4 simple camp beds. We will give preference to special needs guests when allocating cabin spaces. There is also plenty of space for tent-camping if you prefer to bring your own tent.

Kids welcome!.

Meal Plan:  To be announced

Catering to be announced

Dietary restrictions and food allergies will be accommodated for as much as possible provided we have advance notice.

Deadline to register for the Meal Plan: To be announced



You may bring your own food for self-catering instead of the meal plan. Kitchen use and refrigerator space will NOT be available for self-catering – you will need your own ice chest and food preparation. NO cooking fires will be allowed but you may use a camp stove in the dining area.

This event is conducted in alignment with the Coru hospitality and safety policy: http://www.corupriesthood.com/statement-hospitality-safety

Accessibility Info:

Wheelchair accessibility at the site is poor due to hilly paths, and stairs on restrooms/cabins. Licensed service animals allowed only. For more details, see the FAQ and this folder of site photos & navigation videos.

Questions? See our FAQ here or contact us with questions at corupriesthood@gmail.com.