Poetic Divination Oracle for the Morrígna PDF ($5-$35 Suggested donation)



Developed by Morpheus Ravenna and John Medellin of the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood.

This divination tool is based on a model of bibliomantic divination used in ancient Greece, such as the Homeromanteion. In this model, sacred poetry is used as a source, from which individual lines are drawn using dice as the divinatory method. In our tool, the poetry and speeches of the three daughters of Ernmas – Badb, the Morrígan, and Macha – have been extracted from various texts, collected, and arranged to respond to the casting of a set of three 6-sided dice.

This product is the PDF version only.

If you are interested in the Poetic Divination Oracle set (printed booklet, three bone die, and dice pouch), contact leah@corupriesthood.com for more information.