Warband and Hearth (What does that mean?)

photo by Wolf Mercury Photography

Warband Membership

The driving force behind the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood is our Warband. The Warband consists of our ordained Priests, and Dedicants who have committed to a rigorous training and education process to become ordained.  As such, membership in the Warband carries with it a great weight of responsibility and commitment. 

Warband members have shown themselves to be thoroughly dedicated to the principles and values of the Order. They also are committed to furthering their training and deepening their service to the community as clergy.

Warband members are voting members of the priesthood, and committed to participate in monthly business and devotional meetings, as well as fulfilling other official public functions. As stewards of the Order, Warband members are also expected to be familiar with the principles laid out in our Constitution. 

The word Coru is a reconstructed Gaulish term referring to a warband, corps, or army.

photo by Brennos Gunn

Hearth Membership

For members of our community of worship who wish to join in the work and fellowship of the Coru Priesthood, but who have not yet embarked on our Dedicant Priesthood path, we offer Hearth membership.

The Hearth is constituted of trusted community members, known to the members of the Priesthood’s Warband (the Dedicants and Priests), and who have earned a place of kinship.

Hearth membership may be a stage along the way toward Dedicant training and full Warband membership, but it need not be so, and also represents a valued place in our kinship for those who may not be called to serve as Priests or to the warriorship commitment our Priests uphold. 

Membership in the Hearth is dependent on the invitation of the Warband. Individuals being considered for Hearth membership are nominated by a member of the Warband and confirmed by a vote. Invitation is extended in writing by the Chief, or their delegate. 

This membership is intended for individuals who are able to participate in person with Coru gatherings at least 1-2 times per year. New Hearth members are also expected to attend and participate in a Hearth Induction Ceremony at the annual Lughnasadh gathering, barring extraordinary circumstances that might prevent attendance, such as unexpected adversity, financial hardship, or disability.