Zoom Orientation and Welcome for the Imbolc Devotional Day

Welcome!  The Coru will be holding an online Imbolc devotional on Sunday February 7th from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm PST.  The day will feature various devotional prayer cycles throughout the event as well as a ritual at noon dedicated to Brigid.  The event will also feature three guided, salon style breakout discussions throughout the day on the topics of “Selfcare and Mental Health During Times of Turmoil”, “Creating Devotional Poetry”, and “Inspiration and Devotional Art”.

This document is intended to help people connect to and navigate our online temple which will be hosting the event.  Reading it, making sure you have the right software installed, and trying out your setup early will help ensure a seamless experience on the Sunday of the event.

Connecting to Discord

Coru online events are run in conjunction with the Coru Hill Fort Discord Server, and joining the server is required for attending the online event.  You can read about Discord here:

You can connect to our Discord server via two methods.  One, install the Discord app on your phone or tablet from the App Store/Play Store.  Create a Discord account for yourself, and then navigate to https://discord.gg/txxt2vDu6Q which will connect your account to our Discord server.  Or two, navigate to https://www.discord.com to create an account and log in, and then navigate to https://discord.gg/txxt2vDu6Q in a web browser from your computer.

If you have questions about Discord, their support page is at https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us and their excellent “Getting Started” docs are here: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/sections/360008206871-Discord-Basics 

Please try to join our Discord server well before the devotional event.  If you try to join our Discord server immediately before the event, our priests and hearth members may all be busy with event preparation and production, and may not get you signed up as quickly as you’d like.

Connecting to Zoom

The online temple and devotional day will be held over Zoom. Discord is recommended — it’s where we’ll be posting the Zoom link for the devotional. Zoom is required to attend.  Like Discord, you can install Zoom on your mobile device or tablet from the App Store/Play Store, or if you’re on a computer, you can click the meeting link provided in Discord to join.  You can also join Zoom meetings from here: https://zoom.us/join if you have the link to the meeting invitation.  In general, it’s better to have Zoom installed on your computer or device well before you try to join a meeting, to avoid delays and technical issues.  You can test whether your setup is working before the event by joining a test meeting here: https://zoom.us/test 

Coru Cathubodua Devotional Day Navigation

Once you have connected to the Zoom meeting on the devotional day, you’ll enter through Zoom’s waiting room.  One of our chat hosts will approve your entry from the waiting room into the meeting once it’s time for the event to begin.  Once you are in the meeting, you’ll be able to see the video feeds from other attendees who have chosen to share them, hear audio from people not on mute, and be able to share your own video if you choose to.  We will have three spaces within the Zoom meeting for purposes which roughly correspond to the different areas of the same name on our Discord server.


This is the main meeting room, which you will enter immediately upon a chat host letting you out of the waiting room.  Opening and closing rites will be held here.  In between those times, this can be a social area for discussion and community gathering.  A chat host will be available to facilitate here, and from the Gatehouse, you may also optionally enter or leave our other two Zoom rooms, which will become available through the session as breakout rooms in Zoom.


This is our temple space.  Prayer cycles will be taking place here on a regular schedule throughout the day, attended by a priest. The main Brigid ritual will also be taking place here.  At the times indicated on the schedule, we will offer everyone who wishes the chance to move from the Gatehouse into the Nemeton to attend prayer cycles or the ritual. This is a space for attending prayer cycles, quiet communion, connection with our gods and un-gods, contemplation of shrines, and meditation.  This is not a space for social conversations — please take those to the other two rooms.


This is a social area for focused discussions, and our three scheduled breakout sessions will be in this room.  At the times indicated on the schedule, we will offer everyone who wishes to attend a breakout session the chance to move from the Gatehouse to the Roundhouse to attend the breakout sessions.  The Roundhouse room may stay open later than the posted time, but each breakout session and its trailing discussion should wrap up in time for the following breakout session.

Moving from room to room within the Zoom meeting

If you want to move into a different room from the Gatehouse, once the rooms are open, you will see a small icon of four boxes in a square in your navigation bar within the Zoom meeting, on the bottom towards the right side, next to the Record button.  It should be labeled “Breakout Rooms”.  (You will not see this button before the chat hosts open the rooms, so, if it’s not there as soon as you enter the Gatehouse, don’t worry.)  If you click the Breakout Rooms button, you should be presented with a list of the available rooms, and who is in them.  Next to the title of the room (“Nemeton” or “Roundhouse”) will be a link in blue text that says “Join”.  To enter the Nemeton or the Roundhouse, you just click the Join link next to whichever one you want to join, and you will be moved into your new room.  To leave the Nemeton or the Roundhouse and return to the Gatehouse, click the red or blue “Leave” button at the bottom right.  You will be asked whether you want to leave the room (this will return you to the Gatehouse), or whether you want to leave the meeting (this will log you out of our virtual temple space entirely, returning you to the Zoom startup screen).  As long as you just “Leave Room”, you’ll stay in the meeting and can move between rooms as you like.  If you “Leave Meeting”, you’ll be logged out entirely and will have to start again through logging into the waiting room and waiting for a chat host to let you in.

You cannot go directly from the Nemeton to the Roundhouse, or from the Roundhouse to the Nemeton.  If that’s what you want to do, “Leave Room” from whichever one you’re in to return to the Gatehouse, and then click Breakout Rooms to select the room you wish to go to.  All traffic flows through the Gatehouse.  🙂

You can leave the event any time you wish by choosing Leave and leaving the meeting.

At the very end of the day, after closing ritual, the priests and hosts will end the meeting, closing the Zoom session for everyone.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see many of you at our devotional day!